Krutski is a brand that started in Tallinn in 2017 and was launched to see the need for soft drinks with a sharp character. Every Krutski taste has a kind of surprise inside, which can hide in taste, color, or even in interaction if you mix it with your favorite drink.
Selection of Krutski soda factory 
LEMON HOPS                 (lemon-hops lemonade)
BLACK CURRANT     (blackcurrant-juniper berry) 
MORELLO CHERRY COLA   (Morello cherry cola) 
TANGERINE CREAM SODA   (tangerine & cream)

Currently, Krutski lemonades are available in bottles and 30-liter Kegs, which are especially suitable for large events and caterers. For larger events, we even recommend our Krutski faucet. In addition to quenching thirst, Krutski also fits well into a cocktail as a mixer!