Krutski is a brand that started in Tallinn in 2017 and was launched to see the need for soft drinks with a sharp character. Every Krutski taste has a kind of surprise inside, which can hide in taste, color, or even in interaction if you mix it with your favorite drink.
The proud and beloved firstborn of the Krutski Brand lemonade factory is Lemon Hops lemonade. Lemon and hops create an exemplary harmonizing taste front, which quickly turns quarrels into love and love into adoration. Thanks to the bitter aftertaste of hops, it is perfect for cocktails, accompanied by gin or vodka. The sugar content walks carefree past the golden mean.
The product range currently includes Lemon-Hops, Currant, and Tangerine lemonades.
Krutskit is available both in bottles and in 30-liter Kegs, which are especially suitable for large events and caterers. For larger events, we recommend our Krutski tap&cooler. In addition to quenching thirst, Krutski also fits well into the cocktails!